Why Vodafone Failed in India- A Case Study

Disclaimer– It’s an inspirational case study to understand the business module and further development looking at set back of others. There is no motive to criticize the company anymore, rather a way forward to solution of problems. It was December 2015 Jio soft launch happened and publicly available from September 2016. The entry of Jio into telecom sector of India is a landmark in the … Continue reading Why Vodafone Failed in India- A Case Study

Combined Nations: A New International Strategy

There is completion of 75 years of United Nations. Aiming at maintenance of peace and security, it’s still progressing. Based on this purpose though it was created, but purpose should meet demands and has to cope with change. But in 21st century we are continuously experiencing malfunctioning of this system. That’s why India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated, “UN without reforms will face crisis of confidence.” The major drawback of this system is limited role enjoyed by developing nations. They have decisive role in global community, so their development should be concerned of all.

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Digital Socialisation and Problems of Modern India

“Watch your thoughts, they become your words; watch your words, they become your actions; watch your actions, they become your habits; watch your habits, they become your character; watch your character, it becomes your destiny.” The following quotation has deep rooted implications on modern India. What someone thinks it becomes his destiny, and every part of this quote has word “watch” and it’s our core of our discussion.

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The Second Ecosystem: A Futuristic Global Plan

Recently China rejected G-4 group’s (India, Japan, Germany, Brazil) demand for UNSC by saying “there were enormous divisions and a lack of consensus on taking forward the stalled reforms of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC).” Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin suggested that China’s long-held stance that the reforms process cannot go ahead quickly is unlikely to change. In one side every demand is rejected and in other side every problem is designed by so called People’s Republic. It is (the UN) become monopoly biased system and need an urgent reforms. As stated by Indian PM Narendra Modi recently, “UN without reforms faces crisis of confidence”. So it’s a time to assemble another system, ‘the Second Ecosystem’ for revival of peace and equality once again.

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Bipolarity: A Moving System of World

It has been nearly 30 years of dissolution of USSR and rise of new world order. World is now facing a global crisis of pandemic of COVID-19, things now changed, thinking now changed and after all system changed. Those who were admitting the world as a multipolar, a strike has come for them who envisage in this raw. As like every part of history the world is designing as Bipolar Unit.

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Gandhian Philosophy and Today’s Education Systems

On 29th July, India took another arena of education and passed National Education Policy 2020 replacing 34 years old education policy of 1986. Aiming Universalisation of Education, it provided a blank check to modern based system. It’s created to develop knowledge in place of memory of the students through different curriculums, yet not meets the insider of education. The inside Indian root what Mahatma Gandhi’s Philosophy provides us, no one’s attention goes there in every changing policy of India rather envisages Westernisation.

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