Digital Socialisation and Problems of Modern India

“Watch your thoughts, they become your words; watch your words, they become your actions; watch your actions, they become your habits; watch your habits, they become your character; watch your character, it becomes your destiny.” The following quotation has deep rooted implications on modern India. What someone thinks it becomes his destiny, and every part of this quote has word “watch” and it’s our core of our discussion.

The first movie of India ‘Raja Harishchandra’ released in 1913 clearly indicates how India was. That movie was based on Indian culture and writings, based on believe in God. People were afraid of God and feared to do the wrong. The very increase in the modern system pushing further from our beliefs. I don’t know God exists or not, but by believing him gave me the power of positivity and fear of doing wrong.

Everything happening in digital have its impact on real life. Many things occurs first in cinema than in real life. People are watching and trying to implement it in their real life. A very relevant example celebration of party. People watched this in their television and felt something new and tried to implement it in their life. They felt it’s a modern way of life and by doing so we have modern privilege. This an example of digital socialisation.

The above example have a very little impact, but many things shown in the movie or any digital platform are creating problems in India. The best example it will be growing rape case in India. Before a century these types of problems are very few. Because digital platform was not so advanced, they have no chance of learning these, no chance of digital socialisation. Today these are increasing, people are trying to adopt filmy life style. In movie a boy loved a girl, then there was problem in their life, their relationship ended. Then that boy tried to take revenge and did wrong doing to that girl. This is a movie scene, people watched it, young generation found it interesting. When this type of love failure will come he has that scene in mind and tried to do the same. In another movie a villain kidnapped a girl and do harm to her, people watched that scene and try to implement. So if someone try to keep away his child whole life from watching these types of things, I am sure he/she will not do such wrong, because he/she will have no idea about it. Mega serials which are provided in television or any other platforms are greatly impacting marital life. What a wife watches in television, tries to implement. Suppose in a serial a wife of a man scolded or slapped her mother in law due to several reasons, she watched that scene and tried to do in real life in any quantity. Though it’s not for every case, but many and many cases it is creating problems.

Impact of social medias, online games are controlling the mind of a student. Real become reel, before enjoying the moment we are busy in capturing it, before helping someone we are first busy in sharing in social medias, without making real friends we are making social media friends and so on. These unrestricted problems of modern India are rising, thus walking on a wrong path we are making real to reel and reel to real.

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