Rousseau: The Product of A Circumstance

Legends are not born, they are made. The following proactive quotation led the whole life of J.J. Rousseau.

In 1750, an essay competition was organised by Academy of Dijon. From this salient circumstance, a legend was born called Rousseau. The topic of that essay was ‘Has the Restoration of the Sciences and Arts Tended to Purify Morals’.

Human is dynamic being, those proof themselves different they can achieve something in planet. So an idea came to his mind to write something unique. He knew well that many people will provide positive view, so it would be better to give the negative view. As like, Rousseau tried something different, something unique to become the winner of that competition. Therefore Rousseau presented a totally different idea. He gave a negative view of Art and Science to prove himself something difference.

This single decision led his whole life in dynamism. He found a vigilant path to a differential philosophy of life. As he had given opposite view of Art, Science, Society, later he continued it in every form of his writings. He wrote Emile and Social Contract Theory, where he provided this philosophy of negative view of society. In education field Emile provided a negative view of society in the development of a child. In Social Contract Theory he provided how a human nature become worse due to interference in society. Hobbes had given negative view of human nature, in contrast Locke gave positive view of human nature. But it’s remarkable that Rousseau also at first gave positive human nature. In later he provided that after interference of human into society his nature become bad. This type of view led his writings in Political Science as well as Education field to the top.

Imagine how a single decision made him a prominent philosopher of all time. So world in many ways is the manifestation of changing form of situation, as well as material condition and ideal implications.

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