Bipolarity: A Moving System of World

It has been nearly 30 years of dissolution of USSR and rise of new world order. World is now facing a global crisis of pandemic of COVID-19, things now changed, thinking now changed and after all system changed. Those who were admitting the world as a multipolar, a strike has come for them who envisage in this raw. As like every part of history the world is designing as Bipolar Unit.

Every form of history gives birth to its opposite, then how can a system become unipolar, how can one power reign in multi- dimensional world. Those who were admitting this, those who were considering USA as the only super power after end of cold war in 1991 in many ways wrong. Because in that time(1990-91) China has already rised by opening of Shanghai and Shenzen stock Exchange (SSE). Worth over $ 8.5 trillion market capitalisation increased what made an economic identity to China in international atmosphere. There after “8-7” Poverty Reduction Plan, Belt and Road initiative, and ‘Made in China 2025’, China is creating dominance in global economy.

To the quote of World Bank, “Because of China’s economic success, more and more countries see China as an example to emulate, a model of development that could mean moving from rags to riches within a generation”.

So in the history world never experience unipolar order and will not overcome in future based on my opinion. Now taking a look to the present situation, it seems impossible to make a multipolar world. The crisis of COVID-19 throws back many Nations’ economic power. Being a strong economic power USA will survive from the crisis, and China already survived. But it will put tremendous impact to those nations who were in a race to become leaders of multipolar world. Economic slow down of that nations bring them some years back in economy. So once again bipolar system is going to reign the world.

It will be continuation of bipolarity, continuation of Balance of Power. And this balance of power is a sole factor for bipolarism. Balance of power demands two oppositions, and in every form of future ‘Two Opposition System’ will prevail for this and there will be continuation of Bipolarism.

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