The Second Ecosystem: A Futuristic Global Plan

Recently China rejected G-4 group’s (India, Japan, Germany, Brazil) demand for UNSC by saying “there were enormous divisions and a lack of consensus on taking forward the stalled reforms of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC).” Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin suggested that China’s long-held stance that the reforms process cannot go ahead quickly is unlikely to change. In one side every demand is rejected and in other side every problem is designed by so called People’s Republic. It is (the UN) become monopoly biased system and need an urgent reforms. As stated by Indian PM Narendra Modi recently, “UN without reforms faces crisis of confidence”. So it’s a time to assemble another system, ‘the Second Ecosystem’ for revival of peace and equality once again.

Various agencies of United Nations become handmade of China, and WHO is too close to it. Admitting this, USA resigned it in the period of pandemic. Here is the role of USA came. Being the most powerful country, it’s the only power who can bring reforms like it was in 1946. The League of Nations which was created for the restoration of peace, ended its operations due to resignation of USA from there. And now also it’s the largest stakeholder of United Nations. Having this power US should take further steps to build another ecosystem.

Being a part of dynamic world, a system needn’t have to be static in the era of 21st century. Reforms is overall need to the 75th years old system. As we all know that then situation was different of now. Developing nations have decisive role for global community today, and few never represent the globe. The system that was made after second world war cannot cope with 21st century’s changing world. Today’s global representation is not the same, various parts of the world are in need to represent global perspectives.

Global community is continuously ignoring the African continent. As so called ‘United Nations’, having the term ‘United’, where is representation? We have 3 permanent members of UNSC from Europe only and Zero from Africa and Australia. And the one which is of Asia is a nation having Golden Covered Iron. So how can only Europe and America represent the world?

Therefore, every continent must have atleast one representation for the creation of a new body or ecosystem (except Antarctica). It should serve the representation from different interests and accept the rejection of Golden Covered Countries. It should consists of different economies, be it developed or developing. It can accept these five members of UNSC, no problem, but expansion of global community by representing various interests should be its primary motto. A new name must be given in the synonyms of ‘World’ or ‘International’ like Global Nations, Integrated Nations etc. and then new world of peace, security and fraternity will be began once again.

3 thoughts on “The Second Ecosystem: A Futuristic Global Plan

  1. Good informative article bro
    Go ahead for the new world.
    Well done and blossom commenced in your life fruits will be conferred.

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