Combined Nations: A New International Strategy

There is completion of 75 years of United Nations. Aiming at maintenance of peace and security, it’s still progressing. Based on this purpose though it was created, but purpose should meet demands and has to cope with change. But in 21st century we are continuously experiencing malfunctioning of this system. That’s why India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated, “UN without reforms will face crisis of confidence.” The major drawback of this system is limited role enjoyed by developing nations. They have decisive role in global community, so their development should be concerned of all.

But it can’t be denied United Nations’ progressive steps for humanity. It was not created to take mankind to heaven, but to save humanity from hell (A statement by Dag Hammarkjold, Second UN Secretary General). But new problems need new solutions. Today’s world is not political world rather an economic, today’s war is not political but economic war. The economic progressed countries are more powerful than those who have political and military power but less economic power. Today’s world demands development first, and it is only possible through economy. So here is a whole new global strategy to provide reforms in international system.

The reforms is that there will be joint planning and development of two or more nations, naming the system as ‘Combined Nations’. These nations will combine politically, economically, militarily and in all respects. Remember it’s not like a Federal System or Federation. Federation is complete connectedness for indefinite period. But Combined Nations is targeted efforts of development. In federal system there is need of territorial integrity, but Combined Nations is combination of two or more nations, irrespective of territory for developmental purpose. It is targeted as many years as concerned nations want.

Strategy will be that after a treaty among the nations or between two nations, they will jointly do all operations irrespective of anything. There will be combination of political power. The decision of government of one will decision of all. And government will be so united that every nation to play some roles. Economically all development will be taken place in same manner in participant nations. There will be no need of nationality proof to go participant country/countries. In other words, it will be one joint nation. They will have mutual participation in international treaty and agreements. It’s core principle will be “One is for all and all is for one”.

There will be several benefits of this joint strategy. Upliftment of least advantage nations is its primary motto. A nation which is under developed since decades can be developed by this strategy. When a developing nation will combine with a developed nation, the joint development through this process will bring changes in that developing nation. And a developed nation can get the benefits like natural resources of other nation. So it’s a mutual sharing principle. Overall a wave of mutual benefits will take place to uproot the problems of concerned nations through this ‘Combined Nations Strategy’.

2 thoughts on “Combined Nations: A New International Strategy

  1. Great pleasure on my part to go through your blog that is based on original thought & viewpoint. You could have captioned it “Global Federation With Autonomous States (Countries ) & proceeded with your viewpoints accordingly. The concept of merger of two or three states is an impossible one. Who will merge with whom & loss her national identity. It is possible only through imperiastic design of a powerful state which will invade others’ territories & merge them with her own, as happened in case of erstwhile USSR under the imperialist, Lenin & Stalin. But could it be permanent? Due to the strong reacction in these invaded territories , Mikhail Gorbachev, the predident of the USSR in 1990s, was compelled to give them independence thruugh his policy of Perestorika & Glassnost. Your vision can be practicable if all the civilized nations of the world merge into a community of nations, called Global Federation by a permanent unbrokeable agreement & thereby surrender their sovereignty to it & keep their national autonomy intact to keep their national identity alive. The vision is the best one for the entire humanity. It can redress many a problem that have been emerging from time to time, like the current pandemic.
    With best wishes,
    Your Sandip sir

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